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wwt Technologie GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2004 by Werner Wagner in Essen and quickly developed into a specialist service provider for construction of special machines. Our team is characterised by over 15 years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the industry and industrial processes. Our employees carefully analyse and have mastered the skill to understand the individual problems of our clients. That is how we are able to offer dedicated mechanical engineering systems that always accurately reflect the requirements of our international customers.


We accompany our clients in every situation and we guarantee a solution for every project– even if we have to deal with the impossible. We are distinguished by precision of manufacturing, high quality of materials, short reaction time and high flexibility of application. Our machines, system lines and components from specialised subcontractors are prepared in Essen, whilst assembly is currently taking place in 12 international locations, including Germany.


wwt stands for passion, precision and innovation. Conceptualisation and development of tailor-made solutions for special technical problems constantly confront us with exciting challenges that we always undertake with passion. We remain at your disposal, always eager to advise and assist. Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you.


Looking for a solution to a specific technical problem? Has our website made you curious? We are available on the phone number +49 201 290880 or by e-mail info@wwt-wagner.de.

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